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Sexually transmitted diseases are a controversial topic. Even though we are in a constant state of evolution, speaking up about topics that include STD, erectile dysfunction or infertility blinds our mind, and we hesitate to talk about it, not just publicly but to our doctors as well. Concerns like proper treatment and doctor-patient confidentiality among other wonders around in our minds, and we end up not treating the illness at the right time. But, Kashish Clinic holds one of the best Sexologist doctors in Ahmedabad. The place is vastly acknowledged for professionalism and trustworthiness which is exhibited by doctors like Dr. MS Rajput. He is an Ayurvedic Sexologist in Ahmedabad whose methods have helped many lives in the city.

About Doctor

Dr. MS Rajput is a specialized Sexologist doctor in Ahmedabad, with more than 20 years of hands-on experience. Throughout his years of practice he has been able to successfully solve major cases related to sexual illnesses ranging from erectile dysfunction to infertility. Although the majority of patients believe that once they fall, a victim of diseases like infertility, they will never be able to have a normal life again. But, DR. MS Rajput has a different story to tell.

He believes that with proper medication and virtuous treatment vital sexual illness can be resolved and patients can have a better life again. On top of it, the use of Ayurvedic treatments has proven to be more efficient with negligible side effects. Dr. MS Rajput at Kashish Clinic uses top of the line ayurvedic treatments to treat his patients which have provided great success.

Do you know everyone suffers from a sexual problem once in their lifetime?

Our Specialties

There are a number of reasons why you need to choose us. What we bring to the table is not a state-of-the-art facility to treat any and every type of sexual illness in both males and females but the profound knowledge of the illness that lies in our doctors, our professional approach to every patient and complete transparency in every step of the patient’s treatment. The top Sexology clinic in Ahmedabad, our Gupt Rog doctor in Ahmedabad are among the best.

We use a fair and clear step-wise process to cure our patients. We use:

  • Experts to diagnose the sexual problem
  • Understand the Patient's problem by using latest technological advancements for treatment.
  • Apply Ayurvedic Formulas to develop better and faster results. We also provide online consultation to patients from across the county.

The latest Liner Focused Shock Wave Therapy

Erectile dysfunction treatment; World's cutting-edge German technology now in Ajmer.

Kashish Clinic is also equipped with the latest trends in technological advancements that make treating patients much more efficient. The latest linear shock wave therapy in Ahmedabad has proven to be ground breaking and highly useful. The process treats one of the most common sexual illnesses in men, Erectile Dysfunction. Through this kind of Sex Therapy in Ahmedabad Kashish Clinic has been able to treat a great number of patients.

Additionally, other methods including PiezoWave2: Using shock waves to treat ED are also a great participant in healing sexual diseases.

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Patient Review

I was really scared when I found out that I had a sexual illness, I had given up all hopes, but then one day while looking up for a Sexologist doctor in Ahmedabad, I found out about Kashish Clinic. They helped me a great deal, and I was extremely pleased by their treatment style.

Very approachable and transparent about the treatments, Doctors at Kashish clinic are professionals and you should visit the place for any and every kind of sexual illness.

Ayurvedic treatment at Kashish Clinic is far more effective. I shifted from normal medication to ayurvedic treatment and found great results. Kashish Clinic is a good place in Ahmedabad for treatments of all kinds of sexual illnesses.

Their way of treatment is very modern. They use new-age technology to treat their patients which are much more effective and have a high rate of success.