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One of the lesser discussed illnesses in India, Sexually transmitted diseases are a major concern for the growing population of the country. According to the data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) more than 23% of women have been tested for Chlamydia (a form of STD) and another study proves that men above 40 years of age suffer from erectile dysfunction. While there are many similar forms of STDs that persist in the country, we are not able to talk very openly about it to our doctors. Well, it’s time we speak and stand up against these diseases. One of the first steps to take is to visit a sexologist in Ajmer.

Sexologist in Ajmer

About Doctor

With years of experience and a sound knowledge of the treatments for sexual diseases, Dr M.S Rajput is considered to be one of the top Ayurvedic sexologists in Ajmer . While medicine has been the backbone of every medical institution, Dr. Rajput also uses new and evolved ayurvedic treatments that have a more profound impact on the disease making the eradication process much more efficient. In his 20 years of combined experience DR, M.S Rajput has dealt with a number of sexual diseases related to both genders. Some of the most common forms of illnesses he has witnessed are related to sexual dysfunction and infertility in couples.

A certified Sexologist, Dr. M.S Rajput expertise in providing top of the class treatments including IVF and Couples therapy among other treatments that have helped several patients start a better life. Along with the medication, one of the most common fears among patients is the faithfulness of the doctor. But, at Kashish Clinic, all the doctors are specialized Gupt Rog doctor in Ajmer including Dr. M.S Rajput and for them, amidst the many priorities the topmost is patience well-being and complete confidentiality and that’s why Kashish Clinic is considered to be one of the top Sexology clinics in Ajmer.

Do you know Every person suffers sexual problems once a time in their life?

Ayurvedic Sexologist In Ajmer

While there are many Sexologist doctors in Ajmer, you’ll find very few who focus on treating their patients with natural and more Ayurvedic forms of treatments. When compared to the general treatment methods, these treatments are much more effective and have little to no post-treatment effects. Yes, general medicines, although effective are used in high doses in treating serious sexual diseases like erectile dysfunction which can have a negative effect on the body. Kashish Clinic uses top of the line technologies and first in class ayurvedic methods to treat their patients. A great example of the same is using Linear ShockWave Therapy. One of the first of its kind, linear shock wave therapy in Ajmer has been introduced by Kashish Clinic. This sex therapy in Ajmer, has proven to dismiss Erectile Dysfunction in men.

Erectile dysfunction treatment; World's cutting-edge German technology now in Ajmer

Another similar technique implemented by Kashish Clinic is PiezoWave2: Using shockwaves to treat ED.

Why Choose "Kashish Clinic"

If not for the tens of smiling faces leaving Kashish Clinics every day, the place is also highly acknowledged for professionalism and top of the class treatment methods. With cutting edge technology including Liner Focuses Shock Wave Therapy and PiezoWave2, Kashish Clinic is able to treat its patients better and more efficiently.

Patient Review

I was suffering from erectile dysfunction from quite some time, not knowing how to deal with it, I got in touch with Kashish Clinic, they were very helpful and were quick to take action against my illness. Although I had to visit the clinic quite frequently, it was all worth it. I am much better now, all thanks to Kashish Clinic.

I had an STD but was very shy to talk to anyone about it. I even hesitated from visiting a doctor. Then I found out about Kashish Clinic’s online consultation. I tried that for a couple of days. It was really great and once I started to comfortably speak about my illness with Dr. Rajput, I was able to meet him at the clinic.

Very professional approach. Clean environment and well-experienced doctors, if you are suffering from a sexual disease in Udaipur, you must visit this place.

Maintains confidentiality. I didn’t want my family to know about my illness (was looking for the right time) and the doctors were very faithful and didn’t allow any information about my treatment to leak.

The liner focused shock wave therapy at Kashish Clinic is very effective and was really helpful in eradicating my illness.